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Ben's Virtues was designed to allow you to track Benjamin Frankin's thirteen virtues as easily as possible. Check the app at the end of the day and mark that week's virtue — if you've transgressed.

You may set a notification to remind you to check at the end of the day. Do so by opening the Settings app and navigating to Ben's Virtues.

If you wish to reset your data, simply swipe upwards on the chart. Then tap "Reset your data here." Confirm and restart the app.

If problems persist, follow these steps:
  • • Restart your iPhone or iPad by holding the home and power buttons down simultaneously for five seconds, or volume and power buttons on newer devices.
  • • Reset your data in the Settings tab of the app. Confirm and restart the app.
  • • If that does not resolve the issue, delete the app by pressing and holding the application icon for five seconds and tapping the delete icon. Download the app again from the App Store.
  • • If you are still experiencing issues or have questions, contact us.

Available free for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android.

Available free for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch Get it on Google Play

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